Peter Gusev is a software engineer and staff researcher at UCLA Research and Engineering in Media and Performance (REMAP) lab. His main activities at UCLA REMAP include designing and prototyping real-time interactive distributed systems for theatrical and live performances using cutting edge technologies for live sensing, media processing, augmented and virtual reality. Peter also leads application design and development efforts for the Future Internet Architecture research project, Named Data Networking (NDN). He builds applications for real-time navigable media and mixed realities. Some of these applications are deployed and used as experimental prototypes at UCLA TFT school workshops and summer institutes. Peter contributes to the open-source NDN community by building NDN tools and libraries for developers. He is the author of NDN videoconferencing library, NDN-RTC, already successfully used in a number of NDN projects to date. His previous professional background is in networking software, augmented reality, mobile application development and video streaming software. Peter holds BEng and MEng in Informatics and Computer Science from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, as well as MSc in Business Information Systems from Wroclaw University of Technology.